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Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs)

Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) are BB guns that use battery and motor as power source. Among all manufacturers, Marui is the most popular and reliable one. From law enforcement SMGs like the MP5, to military rifles like the M4A1, Marui has done a good job on the replicas either on the appearance or the ease of maintenance. Another manufacturer, "TOP", specializes in light machine guns like the FN M249 Minimi & M60 Series.

Tokyo Marui H&K Series
Armalite Series
Tokyo Marui Junior AEG Boy's Series
Light Pro Series
Tokyo Marui Mini AEG Tokyo Marui Mini AEG
Systema Training Weapon System H&K Series
Armalite Series

KSC H&K Series
CAW Minigun Series
Ultima Airsoft Machine Gun Series
RWA Machine Gun Series
Echo 1 Other
Magpul Armalite Series
King Arms FN Series
Armalite Series
SIG Series
Galil Series
M14 Series

SR25 Series
TAR21 Series
Umarex H&K Series
Real Sword Company China Rifle Series
SOCOM GEAR Barrett Series
Creation Others
G&G H&K Series
AK Series
Armalite Series
M14 Series
SA80 Series
Vega Force Company Armalite Series
AK Series
Light Machine Gun Series
Avalon Galil Series
LCT AK Series
Classicarmy Classicarmy
ICS H&K Series
Armalite Series
G&P Armalite Series
Light Machine Gun Series
SRC Armalite Series
H&K Series
AK Series
KWA H&K Series
DEN Trinity DTS
Top Light Machine Gun Series
STAR Airsoft Armalites Series
G36 Series
L85 Series
FN Series
Light Machine Gun Series