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Combat Gear

Following the tradition of DEN Trinity. We are pround to present you military gears from Mil Force. Mil Force is a reputable company specialized in manufacturing body and airsoft gears. Their product maintains the highest quality (ISO 9002 certified) and durability. Mil Force products are manufactured using the highest grade materials from Japan (like vel-co tape and zipper). And many of their products are distributed in quality demanding Japanese market. Why go for expensive brand-less gears if you can get the best quality Mil Force products from DEN Trinity.

Airsoft Masks
Designed exclusively for airsoft survival game

Reinforced Belts

Foot Wear
Shoes and Boots

Hand protection, a must in games

Better protection for your CPU

Holsters and Magazine pouches
Store all your magazines and pistols

Military Clothing
Shirts, Jumper, Fleece etc.

Patches for your Clothing in various sizes.

Radio or Communication
Walkie Talkie, Headsets & Accessories

Rifle Bags
Carry your airsoft rifle in a professional and safe manner.

Carry your weapon with ease

Carry accessories with ease