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When upgrading Marui AEGs, Systema's upgrade parts are one of the best choice if ultra high quality is required. In terms of power, accuracy and durability, upgrade parts from Systema can make your AEG tops them all. Their range of products are designed in highest quality and workmanship is second to none. DEN Trinity Shop is pround to present Systema's products.

First Factory First Factory

Phoenix Phoenix

TGS Top Gear System

Mad Bull Mad Bull

Magic Box


Hurricane Hurricane

Private Parts Airsoft Private Parts Airsoft

Pursuit Design Inc. is another well known AEG upgrade parts manufacturer in Japan. Their parts craftmanship achieves very high standard. For spring alone, already 200,000 pieces are sold locally in Japan.

Most Airsofters should have heard KM products. Their craftmanship is among the best in Japan. Their products means quality assurance.

K2 is a understated company which has excellent quality product with a low price. Their product is rated highly in Japan bu you seldom see their advertisement. This is a way to keep their cost down.




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